Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

CASUAL HOURLY RATES (with no pre paid pass) 1 hour $110.00

Pre – paid hourly rates
(Not transferable!!)

10 1 hour passes = $770*
(Save $330.00)

20 1 hour  passes= $1550*
(Save $650.00)

Start up pack =$40.00
(includes mask, head and foot gear)
*conditions apply please enquire

The chamber may be shared with two people using a mask at the same time there is a $15.00 charge with each session. If the second person is not wearing a mask it is only an extra $10.00. This also applies to pre-paid session pass!!


Bowen Therapy

Initial Visit


Follow up Bowen Treatment


$35 per treatment for children aged under 18


Acupressure with essential oils


Aroma Touch


Hair Anaylsis Testing



Foot Detox

$65 per 30 min session

Current Special  5 weekly foot detoxes and get the 6th free.



$55 for an appro 45mins