Mild oxygen therapy takes place inside a specially designed inflatable chamber.  The chamber uses filtered ambient air and when required, an additional oxygen concentrator may be used to increase the oxygen concentration.  Our state-of-the-art 10 foot long and 40 inch deluxe chamber is the best and largest in the fleet of mild oxygen chambers.

Oxygen sessions are intended for general well-being only.  If you have questions regarding your own circumstances, please contact us.


Your first visit will be two hours long.  After discussing your health concerns, history, your lifestyle details and personal health goals, you will be assisted to enter our chamber.

During the experience itself you are fully clothed so it’s recommended you wear loose and comfortable clothing.  The chamber will seem smaller when deflated than it is when fully pressurized.  Within a few minutes the chamber will inflate completely with filtered air, allowing enough room to sit upright or lie down comfortably if you choose.  After the chamber inflates, it will begin to pressurize.

This is the time when you may experience pressure in your ears (similar to ascending or descending in a plane).  Once the chamber is to full pressure, all you have to do is breathe normally.  You can sleep, meditate, read a book or a magazine, or listen to music or take your lap top or DVD portable player in and work on your lap top or watch DVDs.

Each oxygen therapy session lasts as a between 60 and 120 minutes (depending on your experience plan).   Note: this is a guide only.

After the experience you can carry on your day as normal.  Food and drink can be resumed straight away as well.  Most people report a sense of increased alertness, energy, wellbeing and youthfulness after each session.

We recommend occasional oxygen therapy experiences to maintain sufficient oxygen levels within the body and prevent decreased immune response.  It is ideal for persons experiencing increased levels of stress, working intensively, especially in sealed buildings, consuming alcohol on a regular basis and for persons participating regularly in sports activities or heavy exercise.

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